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Pregnancy Diary Week 31: Best Maternity Photo Studio in NYC


I had my maternity photoshoot this week! It was more fun than I expected and I’m super happy about the results. I never really wanted to do maternity photos because 1) I hate how my body looks pregnant and 2) maternity photos are cheesy AF, but my husband insisted because he thought I would look back and regret not taking more photos. Now that I’ve done it, I have to say, I’m really glad that I did. Get yourself a hubby who knows you better than you know yourself. 😀

I did my maternity photos with Glow Portraits in NYC – I really loved their sample images and how they were classy and dramatic, and not too cutesy or earth mother-y (see milk bath maternity photo trend bleeeeargh). I paid for the mini session where you do your own hair and makeup and show up on set ready to go. You get about 5 outfit changes during the shoot and come away with 10 fully edited photos at the end for $900. It seemed pricey to me at first, but it’s really pretty good for NYC. I price compared with many of the top maternity photography studios in NYC on Yelp and this was actually at the more affordable end of the price spectrum. Another studio I talked to charged $4,000 for their most basic package!

On the day of the photoshoot, I first stopped by Drybar to get my hair done. It was my first time trying Drybar and it was great! My hair looked way better than if I’d done it myself and there were free cookies (always a bonus). A blowout costs $45 which is way less than getting it done in connection with any of the maternity photo studios I had researched (adding hair and makeup to a photo session cost $200-1000 more!). The overall experience took about an hour.

When I got to Glow Portraits, the photographer (I think her name was Anabella but honestly I can’t remember – I’m so sorry!) was really nice and made me feel super comfortable. I had one photo style in mind that I really wanted, but she gently pushed me to try other looks and styles as well … and she was right, I loved the results! She also was very instructive and told me how to pose and what to do, and was really complimentary whenever I felt unsure about my preggo bod. She was also really good at directing my husband – he came with me because the photographer had suggested I bring a helper to “fluff” the fabric on set so that it flows more dramatically. It was really funny watching him wear himself out flinging fabric into the air for an hour. 😀

Anyway, after the session, I got my proof gallery just a couple days later where I got to choose 10 photos for them to fully edit. There were sooooo many photos I loved that I had a really hard time narrowing them down! The photographer was able to capture me exactly how I had envisioned in my head – it was really impressive. I ended up selecting 13 and was happy to pay for the extras, but they ended up gifting me the extra three which was so generous and kind of them that I literally pregnancy hormone cried. I got the final edited pics within the week. I was so impressed by the quick turnaround! My experience with Glow Portraits could not have been better and I would 110% recommend them to anyone!

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