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Home / NYC Pregnancy Diary / Pregnancy Diary Week 37: Preggo Roulette – the fun game where you try to go into labor on your friends

Pregnancy Diary Week 37: Preggo Roulette – the fun game where you try to go into labor on your friends


By Week 37, the baby is considered “full term” so she could literally come out now at any time! I’ve gained about 25-30 pounds at this point … haven’t seen any stretch marks yet but I read that the stretch marks really appear AFTER you give birth and your stomach deflates. Ugh. Not looking forward to seeing how my postpartum bod looks but I guess I’ll worry about that later. These last few weeks, I’m really trying to take advantage of the last bit of my freedom to spend time with my friends. I’ve invented this game I call #preggoroulette where I try to spend time with a different friend everyday and see which one I go to labor on. 😀 No one has “won” yet, obviously (in fact, none of my friends are thus far aware that we are playing this game hehehe I’m the best friend ever).

This weekend, I went to a house party at my friend’s house where her ex-boyfriend (who has a six year old son) told me his conspiracy theories about the childbirth-industrial complex. He warned me that doctors will give you an unnecessary c-section if you take too long to give birth so they can go leave early for the weekend and play golf. And that they’ll find any excuse to put your baby in the NICU after it’s born because they get paid an extra $40k if it’s in the NICU. Ummmmm, ok buddy. 😀

I also went and got a bunch of free food with my other friend, who is a working model. She has like three apps that give models free things in exchange for a single Instagram post – and you can’t just be an Instagram influencer, you have to actually be signed to modeling agency to use these apps. We went to BLKSQ for free pizza and wine first and then got ice cream in fish cones from Taiyaki … all for free! Ah, to be beautiful – someone please point me to the app that gives moderately attractive people free stuff, please. 😀

On Thursday, I met up with my “mom” friends (two of them already have kids, one is preggo and due around the same time as me) at Mr. Chow in Tribeca. It was great to see them, but OMG Mr. Chow is the absolute worst restaurant in all of NYC. First, the waiter was really snooty and made us all share a single menu. We asked if we could get an individual side order of white rice with the restaurant week special. He said, “that will cost extra” and we were like “that’s fine” because really how much could white rice cost? But when we got our bill at the end of the meal, the “extra” turned out to be $17 for literally just a scoop of plain white rice! Outrageous, right? We asked the waiter about the rice because we genuinely thought the price was a mistake because HOW could it be more than a glass of wine??? And he shrugged and said with an attitude, “that’s how much it costs to eat here” as though we were poor people who shouldn’t even be in the restaurant because we can’t afford a $17 bowl of rice. Anyway, we could have forgiven this if the rest of meal had been good, but it was seriously awful. We couldn’t even have a conversation because the restaurant acoustics were terrible and waiters kept coming by literally every 5 min asking if they could clear our table – even when every plate was still full of food! We felt like they were trying to rush us out the entire time. And the food itself was so bland – I can name 100 Chinatown restaurants that taste better and are way more enjoyable. End rant.

Anyway, even though I’ve been eating out a lot in my last weeks of freedom, I’ve also been cooking at home a lot more. I used to buy dinner on Seamless or Caviar 3-4 times a week … now that I’m preggo and not working, I’ve been trying to make food myself. It doesn’t always taste amazing, but it usually looks pretty good. Surely that counts for something? 😀

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